Welcome to my Studio and Gallery!

At Strandroad 34 in Motala I have my studio for over thirty years back. A large and well-utilized local with a good location at a reasonable distance to the city center. There I have worked for a long time with a special technique called BassoRelievo. Lowrelief is a Swedish name for this, and builds on using a third dimension, the height, when creating the image. A kind of 3D effect can also say, as it gives the image a physical depth in addition to the depth you create with the color.

You can learn a lot about the artistic material, the tools and the handling while the feeling of form and color grows into consciousness. I once learned during a training with American tutors four basic concepts that one must always make clear before trying to create something with artistic significance.


Image area, depth, line and value.

Are there the concepts in mind and the thought when creation begins, there is a backbone in the whole process. Perhaps not so clear but should always be included in the basic idea from sketch to finished work.


My paintings:

It's almost fifty years since I was looking for a personal way of expressing me. It took several years of stubbornness and patience, but when I felt that the goal was close, that was a great satisfaction. Now I could finally start working


As a cartoonist, it is always the portrait that lies closest to me, and so did the painting. No motive offers as big challenges as a portrait. To make it a relief became a dimension beyond the usual




The first thing I created in some form of relief was a Viking ship. My interest in history always revolved around the Viking era, and so does it today.

In my gallery paintings are painted with motifs from that time period




The further development of relief art led to a new track through events in life. A more modern design language, clearer pure colors, a different foundation and motivational choice of our time, gathered from everyday life and our social life today.


A little curiosity about my painting.

Since the late sixties I have only painted relief art. The previous year I tried and studied all possible proven and unknown ways to express myself. What I sought during a long and difficult process was a method of converting a surface into a three-dimensional form, yet maintaining the basic shape, and so I found the right technique. In Latin, it is called "Basso Relievo" plan relief. Shadows and lights have always fascinated me and there is a constant excitement in working with the third dimension.


Freedom to create freely
Since I was a little kid, my curiosity about shapes, colors and how they hanged together has always won over everything else that a guy should do. Football or bandy was never my thing, at least not any of the games and games that were customary then. The difficulty was to explain that a large-scale boy like me was not willing to attend the school tournament or other exercises. Nobody understood my interests and I'm not interested in trying to explain it either. Time revealed what was right and not once I regretted me.



Hans Ström
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